東大の英語構文 第26講 2021 5

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(1)Homework Check

2⃣and shopですが、andがあるのでA and Bの構造を確かめる必要があります。Bから考えるのが原則ですが、shopはみんなまず名詞と考えますよね。そうするとthe apartment and shopとなって定冠詞がapartmentとshopをまとめている理由が分からなくなります。そうするとshopが名詞だという考えを外すと、「買い物をする」という動詞であれば、straighten up the apartmentとの並置ができます。(形式だけならばhaveとの並置とも考えられますが、自然ではないですね。)




1⃣from以下の部分がどこにかかるかわかりにくいですが、「カンマカンマはカッコにくくる」の原則を使えば、the containers of takeout yakisoba にかかることが分かります。

1.付帯状況。with + 名詞(dried spring onion) + 分詞(stuck on them)


②演習(2021 東京大学 5)
1⃣After throwing away the containers and bags into the overflowing rubbish box, I strip the bed sheets and leave them in a pile beside the bed.
2⃣There are many other things to do, but the sky is threatening rain and I decide to do the shopping before it starts to pour.


③演習(2021 東京大学 5)
1⃣To go out, I put on a salmon-pink raincoat and hat my boyfriend gave me on my birthday.
2⃣He mentioned, modestly, that it came from a special shop in Tokyo.
3⃣Not long after, I spotted the same set in an ordinary clothing store in Umeda.
4⃣It's possible the Tokyo salesgirl took advantage of him;she probably convinces every customer what he purchased was one-of-a-kind.
5⃣Then, after he left, she simply brought out another from the back.



(4)Homework(2021 東京大学 5)

1⃣I didn't tell my boyfriend about the second coat, or that the shade of pink was exactly like the smocks worn by the small boys and girls in the daycare down the road.
2⃣The first time I wore it, I found myself in a narrow alley with the daycare attendants and a long line of small children, movingnlike a grotesque pink worm.
3⃣The attendants grinned at me as I pressed my back against the wall, trying to disappear, then hurried off the other way.

1.1⃣or thatのthatを文法的に説明してみましょう。

②(2021 東京大学 5)
1⃣On a Sunday, though, the children should all be at home.
1⃣With my purse, shopping bag, and the collection of cans and bottles, I leave the apartment and lock the heavy metal door behind me.
2⃣The apartment is on the top floor, so there are three flights of stairs before I reach the parking lot level.
3⃣I rarely meet anyone going up or down.
4⃣For several years, this building has been occupied by foreigners: English teachers from the neighborhood conversation schools, Korean preachers, now and then a performer from an amusement park.
5⃣None of them stay very long.
6⃣My apartment was the home of the former secretary in my office, and when she left to get married she offered her lease to me.
7⃣That was five years ago.
8⃣I am now the building's most faithful tenant.




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